Try It Every Possible Way

“You don’t know what you are able to do until you try it.

Try it every possible way.

Be deliberate. Be spontaneous.

Be thoughtful and painstaking.

Be abandoned and impulsive, intellectual and inspired, calm and temperamental.

Learn your own possibilities”

– George Bellows, 1919

Regarded as one of the greatest American artists, George Bellows gave this piece of advice to his students. Bellows’ wise words reach beyond the group of aspiring artists to which they were directed. These words reach everyone who hasn’t embarked on an exploration of their own creativity. Bellows demonstrated his artistic freedom to try new things throughout the entirety of his career. In fact, upon visiting his exhibition, “George Bellows and the American Experience,” I found the stylistic variety of his work to be noticeably impressive. His creative experimentation is both inspiring and refreshing. There’s no telling what else he would’ve created, had he not passed away at the young age of 42. So, while you have the chance, in your writing, in your music, in your paintings, in your designs, seize the opportunity to vary. Let’s get out of our comfort zones and explore our curiosities. You are alive. Create something. Create anything. See what you’re capable of.


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